2006/01/06 Update (That's January 6, 2006)
I am still using my Motorola V400 with GPRS Easy Connect v2.5.3 and FIDO/Rogers as my GSM/GPRS service provider, but now under Slackware 10.2 with a 2.6.14 Linux kernel.

I still need to run GPRS Easy Conect as root (Issue 1 below),
but I don't have any problems connecting and disconnecting through GPRS Easy Connect anymore (Issue 2 below).


Motorola's V400 is supported by GPRS Easy Connect.
I have successfully used v2.5.3 to connect to the Internet with GPRS under Slackware Linux v10.0.

When the Motorola V400 is plugged in a USB port with the data cable,  the /dev/ttyACM0 entry appears in the /dev directory.

You just need to make sure that the cdc_acm module is loaded or compiled into your kernel.
I just compiled it in by having the following line in my /usr/src/linux/.config file:


I only have the following two issues left:

1) It only works for me, if I run it as root:

$ xhost +
$ su -
# export DISPLAY=:0.0
# gprsec&

2) If I close the GPRS connection by any means, even by clicking "Disconnect" within GPRS Easy Connect, I have to unplug the USB cable from the laptop or physically disconnect the phone from the USB cable before attempting to re-connect with GPRS Easy Connect.

Other than that, it works just fine.

I haven't managed to transfer pictures, ring tones, etc to or from the phone, yet.
Let me know if you find out how to do that.

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